Nuffield’s IVF Success is Hailed (November 2017)

We are proud to have been featured in the local Woking News and Mail following our rating as one of the best fertility units in South-East England. The article read:

The Woking Nuffield Hospital has been rated as one of the best fertility clinics for privately-funded IVF in South East England by an internationally based health network.

The online health-related internet community commissioned a survey by the charity Fertility Network UK. It reported that: “Having investigated UK fertility clinics for a while, we have to say that the Victoria Wing (Nuffield Health, Woking) immediately stood out — not only do they have excellent success rates (a pregnancy rate of 47% for all patients under 40 in 2014!) and offer up to eight free counselling sessions, the clinic also has a warm and welcoming feel.”

Health writer Anna Schaap who was a co-author of the report and helped compile most of the data for SteadyHealth says: “The Woking Nuffield did particularly well with regard to patient feedback as a friendly hospital that makes sure that the whole IVF process is as unstressful as possible, it’s extremely supportive. It also has a very high success rate.”

Video Diary project (July 2016)

Would you be interested in volunteering for a video diary research project? A discreet video camera will be set up for you at home. All you need to do is to make a daily short record. The footage will be made anonymous for market research purposes, and you will be given a personal video edit as a reminder of your IVF journey. Please email for more details.

Announcing the Fit to Conceive programme- a unique offer at Nuffield Health. (June 2015)

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new programme Fit to Conceive. This is an optional three month free fitness and wellbeing programme that takes place with our experts at Nuffield Health West Byfleet Gym.
The programme provides you with a three month membership and a tailored fitness programme during the course of your treatment at the Victoria Wing.
This service is available to our private patients at no additional cost, and includes two Health MOTs, one at the beginning of the programme and one at the end. Each exercise programme is tailored to your specific requirements, taking into consideration the type and length of your treatment, as well as any existing medical conditions you may have.
Want to find out more? Please email or for more details. Alternatively you can talk to any member of the Victoria Wing unit staff.

21 Years of Small Miracles in Woking – Happy Birthday to the Victoria Wing! (June 2015)

In 2015 the Victoria Wing fertility clinic celebrates 21 years of helping people to fulfil their dreams. The unit first opened its doors in October 1994, and since then over 3500 babies have been born with the help of our team.

To mark this occasion we are holding a 21st Birthday celebration at the Nuffield Health Woking Hospital on June 28th at 2 – 4pm. It will be a traditional tea party in our hospital gardens, and we are looking forward to seeing many of our past patients at the party, to help us celebrate!

Free advice session for all patients considering self-pay treatment (March 2015)

On 12th March from 2-5pm we ran an afternoon advice session, which was free to attend. The session was aimed at anyone considering self-funded treatment here at Woking.  During the afternoon patients had an individually focused, informal 45-minute talk with a nurse and embryologist. During this time we talked patients through the IVF process and can answered any questions that they had. The afternoon was be an opportunity to see the unit and meet the nursing staff, embryologists and administrative staff who work there.

Please contact the unit (call Rita on 01483 227 349 or email her at if you are interested in coming to any future events.  We look forward to meeting you!

Our first Open Evening was a great success! (July 2014)

We recently held our first Open Evening, which was a chance for potential patients to meet the team and look around the unit. It was a great chance to find out more about what fertility treatment involves, in a relaxed environment. The event was free and was open to anyone considering treatment here at the Victoria Wing. Feedback was very positive with patients telling us that it was “extremely informative and helpful”.

Numbers were strictly limited so that we could meet each of you individually, and this event was fully booked. We are planning another evening on Tuesday 16th September from 6pm.

To reserve your FREE place at our event in September,  please call us on  01483 331 555.

Victoria Wing is featured in Baby London magazine! (March 2014)

We are delighted to be featured in the latest edition of Baby London magazine. They have written about our work to reduce the main risk of fertility treatment – multiple pregnancy. It’s fantastic to get public recognition for this, which has been a huge success for the unit. They say “Originally there were concerns that reducing the rate of multiple births would also compromise a patient’s chances of falling pregnant, but the team at the IVF unit at The Victoria Wing Nuffield Health Woking Hospital has proven that meeting this target is possible while actually increasing their success rates.”

Over the past couple of years we have increased the number of patients having a single embryo replaced, in fact during 2013 over 70% of our patients under 40 years of age had just one embryo back. During this time, our success rates have been among the highest in the country. For more information on the importance of single embryo transfer you can visit the website

You can read our article in Baby London magazine here

HFEA rate us as one of the most succesful units in the UK

We have recently undergone a successful (and unannounced) inspection by the HFEA;  the government body that oversees fertility treatments in the UK. Following our biannual inspection we were informed that the HFEA data matrix recorded us as having one of the highest success rates with combined very low multiple pregnancy rate. We are extremely proud of our achievement!

New Year, new incubators!

Following our very successful year in 2012, with many more patients having extended culture and transfer of a single blastocyst, we have invested in even more of the next-generation BT37 incubators. These incubators are able to maintain a much more stable culture environment for our embryos and have contributed to our increasing pregnancy rates. We have now got a bank of eight BT37 incubators running in the laboratory, and the embryology team (our ‘pink ladies’!) are very excited about them.

Do talk to the lab staff if you want to know more details about this, or any of the other exciting new developments in the embryology laboratory!

Happy Birthday to our Blastocyst Program!

In September 2011 we were delighted to extend our Blastocyst Program, which now includes about two-thirds of the patients coming through the unit. And what a year it has been!

The embryology team are delighted with their new incubators and the results that have been coming along with them. Our first babies have been born over the past few months, which is always a very exciting time!

We have continued to develop the program throughout 2012, with a particular emphasis on keeping an excellent success rate while minimising the number of multiple pregnancies. We are now able to put back a single embryo in the majority (over two-thirds) of our blastocyst transfers, and yet still maintain an excellent success rate! In fact, over all age groups our blastocyst success rate (as measured by ongoing pregnancy rate, per egg collection) has been excellent, with nearly half our patients becoming pregnant. This puts us amongst the most successful units in the country.

Along with extended culture and blastocyst transfer, we have introduced a new type of freezing for our blastocysts. This is known as ‘vitrification’ and it freezes the embryos very quickly. Our vitrification results have also been going very well, although it is early days, we are delighted with the excellent survival and pregnancy rates that we have been seeing!

For any further information speak to any member of our team. We would be delighted to talk to you.

We may have had a washout summer, and the economy may be in the doldrums, but there is still plenty to smile about in the Victoria Wing!

One at a time

At the Victoria Wing we are committed to reducing our multiple pregnancy rate (the number of pregnancies that are twins or more). As mentioned above, we are putting back just one embryo in many of our cycles, and where we do put back two (or in some cases, three) embryos, this is only once we have reviewed your individual circumstances.

We are very happy to talk about these decisions with you, but for more general information you might like to see the website

Secondary Infertility Group

Are you coping with infertility while parenting? The challenges and frustrations of secondary infertility are unique. A new evening group is being formed for informal discussion. An informal evening group meets approximately every six weeks in the Victoria Wing waiting room, to discuss and share the difficult emotions associated with Secondary Infertility. Couples and/or Individuals are welcome.

For further information, please contact

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