Price List


Prices (from April 2017)

Initial Consultation £275 (includes Nurse Implications appointment)
Pelvic Assessment Scan £145
Semen Analysis £145
AMH blood test £55
Counselling sessions (up to 8) free of charge
IVF (includes the use of EmbryoGlue) £3,520 & HFEA fee
plus ICSI £1395
plus Blastocyst culture £525
Frozen embryo replacement £1,100 & HFEA fee
Intrauterine Insemination £700
Embryo freezing £400
Semen freezing £140
Cryostorage per year £320
Egg sharing cycle IVF treatment cycle and drugs free of charge
HFEA fee £80 (fresh cycle or frozen embryo replacement) £37.50 (IUI with donor sperm)


Other prices are available on request. Please contact Victoria Wing Administration on 01483 227 814.

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